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What is Amazon Brand Registry and how does it work?

Learn about the programs and tools Amazon offers to help you grow and safeguard your brand.

Building a brand can be an exciting experience and provide a powerful way to connect with customers and build trust. But it can also be stressful as you think about how to differentiate your brand and protect your intellectual property.

Intellectual property can refer to:

  • Trademarks protecting designs, symbols, names, and images used in commerce
  • Patents providing exclusive rights for an invention
  • Copyrights protecting literary and artistic works such as images, books, and films

Amazon Brand Registry provides advanced technology to verify brand owners and stop bad actors from profiting off your hard work. Don’t have a registered trademark? Resources like Amazon IP Accelerator can help. We’ll cover the details in this article.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Brand Registry is a free resource to help you protect your IP, manage the accuracy of product listings, and grow your business—regardless of whether you sell in the Amazon store.

Enroll in Brand Registry and share information about your brand to activate predictive protections and leverage various tools and features to grow your business.

What are the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry?

Enroll in Brand Registry to access the following brand protection resources:

  • Automated protections: Stop bad listings before they get published. When you provide data about your brand, products, and intellectual property, we implement predictive protections using advanced machine learning that prevent bad listings.
  • Report a violation: Search the Amazon catalog to look for potential trademark, copyright, patent, and design right violations, find infringements, and report them.
  • Brand Registry support: Receive assistance from specialists who can help with resolving technical issues, listing issues, policy violations, and more.
  • Neutral patent evaluation: Access a faster and less expensive way to handle patent disputes than a court settlement. We use neutral third-party evaluators to determine whether a utility patent has been infringed and the decision will be enforced in the U.S. Amazon store.
  • Impact dashboard: Get insight into how Amazon uses the information you share to help protect your brand and remove potential bad listings.
  • Help: Get educational resources and answers to frequently asked questions with tips and guides for using Brand Registry features.

Learn more about Brand Registry benefits

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Tools and features you can unlock with Amazon Brand Registry

Register to access a variety of resources to help you succeed in selling online. Here’s an overview of resources available to help you build your brand:

Grow your audience

  • Amazon Vine: Kickstart new or slow-moving products with reviews from —an Amazon-exclusive network of insightful reviewers.
  • Amazon Live: Open two-way engagement via the chatbox, answer questions, and address concerns. You can gain exposure to new audiences and create a community with informative, entertaining content, plus the ability for viewers to make purchases during your live stream.
  • Advertising: Use digital ads, and to help customers discover and engage with your brand.

Increase sales

  • A+ Content: Help products stand out with rich text, images, and other features in the product description by adding. Dive deep into product features and allow customers to connect with your brand.
  • Amazon Stores Builder: You can feature items for sale in the Amazon store. Amazon’s online storefront builder allows you to create a fully-branded, multi-page shopping experience to help customers learn more about your brand and increase conversion across your catalog.
  • Virtual Bundles: Create better shopping experiences and increase sales volume by bundling products together into combo deals.
  • Manage Your Experiments: Amazon’s split testing tool lets you run A/B tests on various aspects of detail page content and discover which content may convert best.

Build brand loyalty

  • Subscribe & Save: Boost brand loyalty by giving customers the option to save 5% or more on regular shipments of orders they place frequently.
  • Manage Customer Engagement: Build loyal relationships with Amazon customers and increase the visibility of new and existing products. Create emails with templates and send them directly to high-spend, recent, and repeat customers as well as followers through. Highlight new product announcements and share themed email campaigns around seasonal messages.

Inform your strategy

  • Brand Analytics: Powerful to help improve sales, analyze search query performance, identify top search terms, conduct basket analysis, and more.
  • Brand Referral Bonus: Use the program to earn a bonus on sales from traffic you drive to Amazon.
  • Amazon Attribution: Use to drive sales through email, social media, and other marketing channels.
  • Brand Metrics: Provides a holistic view of how customers engage with brands in the Amazon store. Using organic and ad attribution data, you can measure how you’re performing at each stage of the purchase funnel and see how the value of customers increases as they move closer to purchase.

Make use of these features to build your brand, stand out in ecommerce, and achieve long-term success.

Brand Registry eligibility, enrollment, and costs

Interested in enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry? To determine your eligibility, here are details to help you begin the enrollment process.

Who’s eligible for Amazon Brand Registry?

To qualify for Amazon Brand Registry enrollment, all you need is a fully registered or pending trademark.

To become a registered brand, you need an active registered text-based or image-based trademark in each country you plan to enroll (and sell) in. Brand Registry may also consider brands with pending registrations under specific trademark offices (check country-specific requirements).

Did you know?

You can speed up the process with IP Accelerator

If you don’t have a trademark yet, you can still apply for an Amazon Brand Registry with a pending trademark application filed through the trademark office of your choice or Amazon IP Accelerator. IP Accelerator can connect you with a curated network of vetted IP law firms that provide trademark registration services at competitive prices. Brands enrolled in IP Accelerator can also get faster access to Brand Registry benefits.

Learn more and register a trademark through IP Accelerator

How do you enroll in Amazon Brand Registry?

When you have a trademark (or a pending one), you’re ready to get started as the trademark owner.

To begin, make sure products and packaging feature your branding. Then:

  • Go to and sign in using your Seller Central credentials
  • Sign into your account and select “Enroll a Brand”
  • Enter your brand details under “Brand Information,” then select your trademark office, and your registration or serial number for your trademark
  • After your trademark’s verified, upload a high-resolution image of your logo (if you’re using a design mark)
  • Under “Product Information,” upload at least one image clearly showing your brand name or logo permanently affixed to products or packaging
  • Confirm whether you’re a seller, vendor, or both
  • Choose the you’ll sell under (for example, electronics, jewelry, or beauty)
  • Provide manufacturing and distribution details (e.g., documentation, countries the product will sell in, etc.)
  • Submit your application

You’ll receive a verification code to send to Amazon to complete your enrollment.

What are Amazon Brand Registry costs?

There’s no cost to enroll in the Brand Registry. Once you enroll in Brand Registry, you can gain access to tools and services, some of which have costs associated with them.

Build your brand on Amazon.com

Start your journey with the Build Your Brand page—a dedicated page within Seller Central (under the Brands tab) where you can build your brand by defining your key business objectives and exploring the right programs for your business.

Ready to make a name for your business online? Enroll in the Brand Registry today.

FAQ: Brand Registry

Q: Do you need a trademark for Amazon Brand Registry?

A: To enroll in the Brand Registry, you must have a registered trademark or a pending application (check out Amazon’s IP Accelerator to get access to a network of vetted IP law firms). If your trademark application is pending, you can still apply for the Brand Registry. Select the “trademark pending registration” option and provide your application number instead of the registration number.

Q: Can you sell in the Amazon store without the Amazon Brand Registry?

A: Yes, you can be an Amazon seller without an Amazon Brand Registry. Simply sign up for a seller account and choose a plan to get started selling. However, consider enrolling in Brand Registry to benefit from:

  • Tools and resources for developing and
  • Automation and support for safeguarding your intellectual property
  • Enhanced ability to gain customer trust and boost brand loyalty

While it’s possible to sell in the Amazon store without the Amazon Brand Registry, signing up for the program can be a powerful way to support your long-term strategy for building a successful brand.

Q: How long does it take to get approved for Amazon Brand Registry?

A: Approval times can vary depending on factors like whether you already have a registered trademark. It will likely take longer if you need to apply or have one pending with an IP office. If you already have a trademark, approval for the Amazon Brand Registry can take several weeks or longer.

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