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Understanding Marketing to be a good Digital Marketer

    Understanding Marketing to be a good Digital Marketer


    This article is based on the belief that to be a good Digital Marketer; one must understand the basics of Marketing to be a better online marketer. Not only that, one must continuously keep one’s knowledge of what is happening in the market.

    This article is a part of an internship assignment I am doing with digital Deepak. It is power-packed with several fundamental concepts and models that are very valuable for anyone who needs to know/ wishes to understand marketing.

    There is a misconception among the students about digital marketing because they focus too much on the ‘Digital’ part. It is more about understanding ‘Marketing’ and less about ‘Digital”. ‘Digital’ part of it is only a means of marketing. It is about reaching the right client with the right solution at the right time. Digital is about human psychology that helps design the content, be it text content, images, or videos.

    It is written keeping the learners of Digital marketing in mind who will find it refreshing, knowledgeable and power-packed.

    Fundamental principles of marketing?

    Let us discuss some of the fundamental principles are discussed here. What I am talking about here as principles, Digital Deepak calls them Marketing Laws, to stress that these are ‘Fundamental’ and Timeless:

    Marketing is a science:

    We all must understand that marketing is a science, and it is. It is a systematic study and understanding of the dynamics as to how it works. The body of knowledge has established these principles. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel. We need to follow them. The marketing is done before the product or services. Elon Musk, for example, has sold the SpaceX and 5 G service to the world before actual supplies. Marketing uses psychology. For example, pink colour is used very often in ads for products and services meant for women.

    Keeping customers Happy:

    It is essential to keep the customers happy even after the product or service is delivered. By keeping the customer happy through good after-sales service and engagement, you have the possibility of repeat selling or upselling. If we do not control the client in the loop and are happily engaged, there is a remote possibility of doing repeat sales/ upselling.

    Creating Mass Trust:

    It is a very novel concept ‘created’ by Digital Deepak. The idea did exist that we have to develop trust among clients, but giving it a name, is a unique contribution to the body of knowledge on the subject. Marketers and sales personnel must keep happy and engaged not one or two but the entire population of their clients. Few unhappy and unengaged clients can cause immense damage through negative publicity, and even satisfied customers may start losing trust.


    Marketing helps create a great perception about you, your company, your products and services. The client buys your product/ service because s/he perceives it as suitable for his consumption. To ensure his perception stays positive, one has to ensure that the quality of the product or service is at least as good as you claimed. If the reality (product/ Service) does not match well, there is trouble for your business. Further, to avoid such eventuality, post-sales service needs to be good, and the customer must be kept meaningfully engaged to retain the positive perception. Collectively it is ‘Mast Trust’ as we talked about above.

    Word of Mouth:

    When your customer is happy and has a good perception, it is natural that such customers talk positively about you/ your product and services, thereby being your most potent Ambassador.

    One word-of-mouth recommendation to another person is more powerful than any form of publicity/advertisement.

    Excellence in Branding:

    Advertising, Copywriting, and branding all are elements of marketing. As a result of these efforts and good quality products and services, Mass Trust is built; it is ‘Brand’. The bigger the arena of Mass Trust, the bigger the Brand. Some big global brands are Google, Xerox, Zoom, etc. If somebody wants to search on the internet, they say ‘Google it, for photocopying they say’ Xerox it’ or say let us have a ‘Zoom meeting’.

    People only remember no 1 (one) and not the number 2. Everyone knows Neil Armstrong went

    to the moon 1st, no one remembers the 2nd person. Therefore, while branding yourself or your company or any product or service, it is advisable to try to position as no1 (one). If it is overwhelming, it is ok to be no 1 in the category. Good examples of №1s in the class are:

    BMW Drivers’ Car (Sheer pleasure)

    Volvo Safety

    Mercedes Executive’s

    Zomato Restaurants

    The categorization or sub-categorization you do could be based on Industry or region, Industry and area, or any such classification you identify.

    Why Learn and master Marketing:

    A marketing career has several advantages over other professions.

    Lifelong Career:

    A marketing career is lifelong. People/ businesses will continue; they will continue to need people for marketing and selling products and services.

    Highest ROI:

    Investment in a marketing career has one of the highest ROI. The earnings could be significant when one marketing mail/ letter can help companies make millions.

    Owners/ CEOs to get involved in marketing strategy:

    The Founders/ owners/ CEOs should take an interest in their marketing and should be involved in creating the strategic marketing roadmap with the help of marketing experts and other team members and make persons/departments/vendors responsible for execution.

    Safe Career:

    Marketing is a safe career. It will not get obsolete. A combination of marketing/ copywriting and lead generation will always stay in demand.

    Good marketing makes selling superfluous:

    The purpose of marketing is to make selling superfluous” Peter Drucker. It is a big, big, big deal. Just imagine that when you come out with a product or service, it sells because you knew the people wanted it. You, therefore, must be close to the client base with your eyes and ears to the ground to understand what they need.

    Communication Skills:

    Good communication skills are strongly associated with Things like marketing, public speaking, sales, public relations, media, negotiations, etc. If one is good at communication, they will write well, speak well, listen well, and relate well. Here are a few tips to polish your communications skills. Please understand that good communication = Good marketing. It is not about great English vocabulary but about getting your meaning across. Great vocabulary and articulate English are advantages, but if an employer or client understands that you are good in your core skill and can deliver, your manageable level of English will be good enough. People like simple language, spoken English style, and 1st personal narration.

    Write 500 words per day:

    Practice writing at least 500 words daily to enhance your thoughts’ clarity and improve your writing skills.

    Address the mind of the audience:

    As Deepak says. Join the conversations with what is going on in your audience’s minds. Your ability to reach that client will be like getting the right client with the right solution/ offer at the right time.

    Choose language carefully:

    Make conscious efforts to think in the language you use for your business. English, however, is used globally. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that its use will enhance one’s arena globally.

    Understand your customer:

    Ensure to keep in touch with your customers. Try to understand their world better. Build emotional connection and trust. This will be critical for branding and understanding clients’ world better.

    Improve your Language skills:

    It is a good idea to see movies, watch comedy shows/ Dramas, etc., and also try more time with the people who speak the language you are trying to improve.

    Awareness of Economics

    Global Economics

    Market awareness:

    One should be aware of the market situation globally and in the market in which one operates.

    Taking advantage of currency behaviour:

    Understand the currency behaviour and their pricing so that it helps enhance export. Countries sometimes allow their currencies to devalue to boost their exports (as the cost of production comparatively reduces, making the products and services cheaper.

    For example:

    As a marketer, please understand it through the example of India and the US. The US dollar is 70x+ Indian rupee. Therefore, our IT engineers who work in the USA earn several times more. If you buy textiles in the USA, most are made in China, Bangladesh, the Philippines, etc.


    Age of the country affects:

    As the average age of people increases, consumption increases, and the economy grows. The youngsters grow to get married, procreates, and family members increase. With growing families, the need for housing, eatables, clothing, and education rises, giving a flip to the economy. India is an excellent example of a young country growing in age and population. The reverse is also true. That Japan is an example. The average age is too high, their need is at saturation level, and consumption is not increasing much. So, the economic growth is also, sort of, stagnant.

    Our Target India 1:

    Sujith Pai, an economist, in his book, has divided India into 3(three) economies. This is based on income and affordability

    India 1, 100 Mn India 2, 104 Mn India 3, 1126 Mn

    100 Mn are your customers; some of the features of the avatar of these 100 Mn are as under:

    The average per capita income is $ 8,800, In INR about 55,000 per month

    Amazon Prime subscribers 10–15 Mn

    Online shoppers 20–25 Mn

    TV 197 Mn

    If you need to understand the market potential and scope, you need to be aware of the economic conditions and trends. Reading books/ journals will significantly help.

    Niche identification framework

    Find your niche:

    The importance of niche has to be understood with a simple example. Who earns more? A general MBBS physician, an MS, FRCS doctor of medicine, or, say, a heart specialist. The Medicine specialist and the surgeon.

    The Generalist has to video client base; the specialists have a narrow spread of clients but profound knowledge and skill. The same is true of Digital Marketers. If you say your niche is Digital Marketing, then the sub-niche could be SEO, Search engine marketing, or FB marketing. The deeper and sharper the niche, the lower the competition and the higher the prospect. The picture below depicts the way we ought to identify the niche. Niche identification framework- We must consider at least the three factors: talent/ Skill, market, and passion.

    The triangular area represents the niche:

    You are passionate about this, and there is a market for it, and profit can be made, and you have the talent/ skill to do it. If you don’t have the passion, you will get tired fast, or boredom will take over you. If you are passionate about something, you have talent also, but if the product doesn’t have a market, you won’t be able to generate profit.

    Marketing funnel n ^ CATT for success:

    This is a powerful model and framework. N= Niche

    C= Content. A= Attention

    Trust Transaction

    Once you have identified the niche, you have to write excellent and powerful content so that it can grab the ‘attention’ of the prospect who believes (trusts) in your content and, therefore, buys (transacts) from you.

    Integrated Marketing Framework

    Eco-system Marketing:

    Digital marketers usually learn one aspect of marketing and run with it, expecting sustained success that does not happen. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Ad hoc efforts are unsustainable. Therefore, now the trend is to go for integrated marketing.

    That means at one-time use all the marketing channels such as Email marketing/ social media marketing, paid advertisements, content marketing etc.

    Personal Branding:

    ‘Best known will beat the best’. Therefore, is no need to be the best, but it is essential to be best known to succeed in the marketplace. There is a cliché that says, ‘don’t make best the enemy of the better. It is very accurate, and marketers have to make themselves known. When help promotes a product, a service, or a cause, the influencers are, in a way, beating the best. Elon Musk is a bigger brand than Space X or Tesla. Therefore, a personal brand can help create and grow many brands and can be the ambassadors for their businesses. There is one downside that, like other brands, private brands can not be invested in and cannot be traded.

    People trust feedback/ referrals from customers more than the brands. To grow your BrandBrand, create trust among clients who become your ambassadors.

    Here is the blueprint for the evolutionary stages for reaching the Mass Trust level. It starts with learning and manifests itself through working, blogging, consulting, mentoring, and startup. Though it is a linear roadmap, it is not supposed to be in linear sequence all the time.

    Summery & Conclusion

    This article’s central point is that every digital marketer will stand to do far better sustainably if they have a reasonable understanding of the fundamentals of Marketing and keep themselves updated with the trends. As Peter Drucker asserted, marketing can make selling superfluous a remarkable possibility. Another important subject one must keep their eyes on is the global and domestic economies.

    In Personal Branding, a powerful concept has been discussed: ‘Best known will beat the best’. My take on this is that if the marketers only kept it in mind, they would continue growing their brands all the time.

    The niche identification model, nictate marketing funnel, and integrated marketing funnel is valuable frameworks. The new concept of Mass Trust is unique and can drive personal branding in the true sense.

    Visit our services page or contact us to get any service. You can find more information like this here.

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