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The Best Digital Marketing Tools | Marketer’s Cheat Sheet

The Best Digital Marketing Tools | Marketer’s Cheat Sheet

If you’re into Marketing, then you need to use these Digital Marketing tools!

I encourage every Digital Marketer to try out these tools! If you know some other options that are better than the tools I’ve mentioned in this article don’t hesitate and leave them in the comment section down below.

Let’s find out together which tools work the best. By combining our experiences we’re going to achieve a list of the Best Digital Marketing Tools.

Good Marketing makes the Company look Smart, Great Marketing makes the Customer feel Smart.

Without wasting any more time let’s continue with the rest of the article where I’m going to show you some of the best tools for Digital Marketing that I have used.

Title Generator

The first tool I’m going to show you it’s the title generator. This is an awesome tool that will help you find cool content ideas, catchy headlines, Ad campaign titles, and more. This is especially helpful when you feel like you’ve been stuck or burnout and you want new ideas.

By using this tool you’re definitively going to spark some neurons in your brain that will help you find new ideas. Hopefully, you’re going to come up with new and awesome topics that we’re going to read later on. You can start generating headlines by going to this link.

Kickstart your writing journey with this tool and start earning money through Medium! I was able to earn more than $250 in the first month of the Partner Program. You can join and start enjoying Medium and its feature by using this link, it’s going to help us writers and give me a small percentage of your subscription.


This is an unusual tool but it’s going to be helpful when it comes to marketing and making a decision. If you’ve ever split between choosing option A or option B then this website it’s going to help a lot.

You can instantly get the results from a massive online community and that’s awesome. It’s definitively going to help you find out which option is the best and the voters on the poll usually leave out comments on why they chose the other. You can find this tool by going to this link.

Headline Analyzer

Learn whether the headline that you’re choosing for your blog or content piece it’s going to generate enough traffic to make it worthwhile. That’s a big decision in fact, and with this tool, you’re going to see if the headline it’s worth it and what are some more interesting suggestions you can try.

It’s really simple you put the headline in the location that’s shown and then press the ‘Analyze Now button. Then a report will generate with your suggestion and how your article rank. You can go to this tool by clicking this link.

Keyword Research Tool

As you should already know by now, finding the best keyword it’s the most important thing when creating online content. That’s why with this keyword research tool you’re going to find only the best stuff.

I regularly use this keyword research tool and it has provided me with great and up-to-date information always. It’s going to show you how many searches are there for each keyword, what’s the cost per click, the ranking difficulty, trends, and more. It’s a great choice from all the other ones on the market and you can find it here.


This tool it’s going to visually represent where users interact with your content, such as where they click, where scroll, hover, and more. This is important since it gives you an idea about what is working and what isn’t.

The collection of data is now done in real-time and Hotjar it’s going to tremendously help with that. This is one of the most important Marketing Tools on this list despite it being at the last position. You can learn more about how it works and how to set it up by going to this link.

Closing Thoughts

I hope that this article told you about some cool tools that will help in your Marketing career. These have definitively worked for me in the past and also I use some of them regularly such as the Keyword Finder tool. As I said in the beginning suggestions are greatly appreciated. Also take some time to visit this awesome website Ramrainmart.com

Visit our services page or contact us to get any service. You can find more information like this here.

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