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Should You Use ChatGPT AI for Amazon Listing Optimization?

ChatGPT is the buzzword these days and is probably here to stay. Almost everyone in every industry is talking about it. Make no mistake, the AI tool does look quite a handful as people continue to play with it to produce impressive baseline articles, pull out helpful pieces of information, and write code with no dev background, poetry, and whatnot. 

This begs an important question:

Can you use ChatGPT for optimizing an Amazon listing, too?

ChatGPT for Amazon Listing Optimization – Quick Verdict!

ChatGPT can generate Amazon listings with good optimization scores, provided you input high-quality prompts. However, the tech isn’t quite advanced yet, and sellers would still need to make a few edits before sending their listings live. All in all, any Amazon AI listing tool should be used more in an assistive role rather than one where you are completely reliant on it to create an optimized product detail page for your Amazon Listing shop.   

The Importance of Having an Optimized Listing for Your Amazon Store

Every day more than 350 million products compete for impressions and clicks on Amazon Listing. Making sure your product lands one of the top spots on the search results pages is vital to bagging the sales home and running a successful business on the marketplace. 

But that’s only possible if you have an optimized Amazon Listing.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes for a moment. For every search they make, the Amazon algorithm shows them hundreds if not thousands of products from its huge catalog. How do you think they pick and choose a product they want? Do they go through all the results? Well, would you? 

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Most Amazon shoppers only scan the top listings and click those that stand out to them. It’s just how the online world works. Whether you are searching for something on Google or shopping on Amazon, you go for what ranks on page 1.

Now, when you talk about Amazon SEO and ranking high on the Amazon marketplace, your listing needs to have a clever title, informative bullet points, keyword-rich product description, and a well-optimized backend. Together, these attributes, along with high-resolution images and verified product reviews, help Amazon understand the content of your listing and decide if your product can be a good fit for the customers’ needs. 

If the Amazon ranking algorithm finds your listing helpful enough, it pushes it to the top of the SERPs, driving clicks and conversions for your business.    

What makes it hard for sellers to get their products on page 1, then? 

The Issue with Optimizing an Amazon Listing

Optimizing an Amazon listing is easier said than done. Even when sellers have all the keywords and data to create an optimized listing for their Amazon store, they can often struggle with the writing part. Some fail to make the best use of the keywords within their listings, while others cannot balance the flow with the SEO requirements, deterring the customers from making a purchase. 

Then, there is always the issue that not all Amazon sellers are native English speakers. Ideation, sentence structuring, and grammar can all hold them back from creating an optimized listing.

These issues get only more compounded for Amazon e-commerce brands selling multiple SKUs or agencies handling multiple product launches for their clients. If not anything, optimizing those listings can be extremely time-consuming for them.

This is where an AI-powered tool, like ChatGPT, can help.   

What is ChatGPT?

Just to revisit the basics, ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot built on the GPT-3 family of language models pioneered by OpenAI. Think of it like the advanced version of Siri and Alexa that continues to evolve through reinforced and supervised learning.

The tool can be accessed at chat.openai.com. All you need is an account, which you can create for free. However, the company has hinted that it would need to switch to a monetization model soon to continue supporting the development of the technology.

How Can ChatGPT Help Amazon Sellers Optimize Their Amazon Listing?

ChatGPT is a chatbot that takes prompts from you and produces AI-generated content in minutes. It can help you optimize your listing the easy way by:

  1. Incorporating all the keywords, you would ideally want to include in your listing
  2. Generating a copy that looks and reads natural
  3. Automating the writing part     

While you can get started with ChatGPT right away, the problem is it’s not best adapted for Amazon FBA seller applications in its original form. 

First and foremost, you must import your Amazon keywords list to the ChatGPT UI, which means going back and forth between different tabs. Some sellers may find this inconvenient. 

Also, ChatGPT is highly reliant on the quality of prompts it receives. If you don’t word your input commands properly, you may get some poor results. 

All this requires fine-tuning the ChatGPT code, which might not be a viable option for you unless you have some development knowledge and experience.

Thankfully, there are already a few ChatGPT-Amazon listing solutions available in the market that can make your job easier.

ChatGPT-Listing Optimization Solutions – A Test Run!

Let’s set up a quick test run for the tool and see how effective ChatGPT is as an integrated product for creating optimized Amazon listings

Step #1: Pick a Niche and Shortlist the Top Competitors

For this example, we’ll pick golf cooler bags as our preferred niche. A quick analysis shows Frostbox, AROUY, Falcona, Intech, and Pins & Aces are some of the top sellers selling this product.

Step #2: Extract the Keywords

Next, let’s find the keywords Frostbox, AROUY, Falcona, Intech, and Pins & Aces are ranking for. You can use any third-party research tool for that.

Once done, import the list of keywords to the ChatGPT-powered listing optimizer tool. Of course, you can sort and filter the keywords you want to add to your listing.

Step #3: Run Listing Optimizer

And tada! We’ve our listing title, bullet points, and product description all ready in just 30 seconds.

Also, the title, bullet points, and product description meet the character limit and do not violate Amazon’s listing creation guidelines. This is another interesting thing to note.

Finally, the listing has an optimization score of 22,842, which is in the top 20% of the niche. Of course, you’d still need to edit the listing to make some product-specific changes, but all in all, this is a truly impressive job from ChatGPT. 

Bonus Tip: Compare the Amazon Listing with Your Top Competitors

How does the above listing compare with the top competitors in the golf cooler niche? You can check that by adding the competitors’ listings to the Amazon Listing Optimizer tool. 

The analysis shows that bar Frostbox, our ChatGPT listing got a higher score than all other competitors. Even when compared to Frostbox, there was only a small difference in the optimization score, which can be overcome with some tweaks and fine adjustments.

Things to Remember When Using a ChatGPT-Listing Optimization Solution

  • Most tools released so far are still in beta, so you can expect some issues when running listing optimization jobs.
  • ChatGPT can sometimes produce repetitive results as its training dataset is still growing and evolving. 
  • Your listings may occasionally have words that sellers aren’t allowed to use on the Amazon marketplace. Make sure to remove them from your final copy.
  • May not work with languages other than English.
  • You can learn more about Amazon by clicking here
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