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Brand Overview

Pillowflex, a Georgia based company, has been a family-owned business for over 35 years, with a vision to provide and distribute the highest quality pillows in America. Pillowflex takes pride in its high-quality American manufacturing and products. The company is passionate about creating high-end products at affordable prices. With its top-of-the-line facilities, Pillowflex is able to manufacture over 4,500 pillows a day and is looking to expand operations within the US. Do you have an idea for a pillow? Pillowflex can make your ideas come true. Any pillow size and style, either square, rectangular, or bolster pillows

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The Challenges

Amazon Re-Selling Products – Pillowflex is a well-known brand. Thanks to the quality of their pillows, they are well positioned in the customer’s mind; however, sales on Amazon were not reflecting this. Amazon started to re-sell the returns they got as used, which meant that customers were receiving subpar pillows that were used and not living up to Pillowflex standards.

Creative – The brand was experiencing a lot of returns as customers didn’t know which size they needed and how to select the pillow insert that would look the best for their sham.

PPC – There were only Sponsored Products campaigns running, and no strategy to add more advertising styles.

Catalog –  Amazon mixed the parentages, type of pillows, and some were not displaying the correct sizing on the product page

The Approach

In order to define our strategy, we started by analyzing our target market and its size. 

We then followed a plan integrated with the following elements:

  • Marketing & Design
    1. We defined our ideal customer’s primary persona, purchasing Pillowflex Pillow products, using data from Amazon Analytics, reviews, and other information available on Amazon platform.
    2. By gathering the aforementioned data we created captivating A+ Content, Infographics and Copywriting to address main customer pain points & concerns. To reduce returns that have a big impact on the bottom line.
  • Catalog fixes
    • We reviewed all the parentages so we could troubleshoot inconsistencies on sizing, this is a recurrent Amazon catalog issue and needs to be addressed regularly as Amazon updating the catalog prone to this error.
  • Advertisement & PPC
    There was no clear strategy on how to increase market share, we created different campaign types:
      • Sponsored Product Ads – Targeting main competitors, main keywords & long tail keywords that bring sales
      • Sponsored Display Ads – Targeting high-converting categories and appearing at top of search results as often as possible.
      • Sponsored Brand Ads – Increase Brand Reach and awareness with competition keywords
      • Defensive Campaigns – Target our listings, so our products appear everywhere on our product display pages.

 We continuously create value through posts, so customers looking for solutions know our products.

  • Conversion Rate
    •  Even after optimizing the listings, we felt there was more opportunity for improvement. We ran AB title tests and discovered that a short title increased the conversion rate for these items.
    • We continuously test main images, A+ Content to stay in trend within Amazon so that we can increase the conversion rate.

    Link: https://www.pillowflex.com

The Impact

  • Sales have increased sales by 54.03% YoY
  • Average order value has grown by 25%
  • ROAS of 9-to-1 which is well above Amazon’s average.
  • Romanza has successfully made Pillowflex a key participant in the pillow category on Amazon. Pillowflex has made a $1 million dollars investment to increase production for 2023 and keep up with demand.
  • Red Triangle is when MAG started working on the account
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