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How To Use Amazon & Pinterest In Affiliate Marketing Together

    How To Use Amazon & Pinterest In Affiliate Marketing Together

    Amazon & Pinterest Working Together.

    Amazon and Pinterest are two of the most popular websites globally, and both offer opportunities to make money. The way they work is that Amazon allows users to sell products through its Amazon Associates program, while Pinterest will enable users to promote products and services through its pinning features. Both programs offer commission payments, meaning users earn money based on sales or leads.

    To be successful, users need to have a strong understanding of the market of their products and services. Additionally, users need to be able to drive traffic to their Amazon or Pinterest pages. However, those who put in the time and effort can potentially make much money through these programs.

    Amazon & Pinterest, Two Of The Biggest Platforms.

    Companies Amazon and Pinterest are two of the biggest eCommerce platforms out there. Amazon is the king of online sales, while Pinterest is an inspiration for purchases. By itself, Amazon allows you to make a commission off qualifying purchases by those who clicked on your affiliate link.

    Amazon’s cookies last 24 hours. If someone makes a purchase from your link during this time, you get credited for sale. These products can be promoted as Amazon products on your blog, website, or Pinterest. When promoting Amazon products on Pinterest, create a pin with your affiliate link. However, you can potentially make a commission off of Amazon sales by sitting back and letting the sales come in.

    1st, go to Amazon.com. Scroll to the bottom, and you will see in all their links, “Become an Affiliate.”

    Now that Amazon has an affiliate program, you can promote any Amazon product with your affiliate link. You can use Amazon’s vast product selection and build a successful business promoting the products you love.

    With Amazon Prime, Orders Are Quickly Received.

    With Amazon’s Prime shipping, you can rest assured that your customers will receive their orders quickly and efficiently. So, if you’re looking for a platform to sell your products on, Amazon is a great option to consider. With Amazon’s new Pinterest integration, you can reach an even wider audience and promote your products to an engaged group of potential customers.

    Next, go to Pinterest and create a Business Account with the specific niche you will choose to market. You can follow along and see one person in the video did this; they decided on Household Items and created Boards and Pins of the products pinned upon these Boards.

    So for instants, if we were to click on the Board “Baby Stuff,” many baby clothing and baby things appear on that Board. When you click on one of those pins, It blows the item up to be seen very well and tells so much more about it. If you were to click on the image from there, guess where it goes? It takes you to that item’s page on Amazon so that they, in hopes, might buy it.

    Say they were to buy that item or even more things this way, that’s right; you get paid commissions for these items. This method is a great way to use the two platforms to make money. By the help of this article you will be able to Use Amazon & Pinterest In Affiliate Marketing

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