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Digital Marketing Trends And Predictions For 2023

It is time to round up the year and predict what the next one holds for the digital marketing experts. Let’s discuss the biggest digital marketing trends for 2023. You still have time to catch up to industry leaders and pass them in the race!

1. Adapting your marketing strategy to the cookie less world

What has been set in motion this year will hit us with its full force in 2022. Facebook marketers already got a taste of advertising without cookies, Google and others are next. We did the whole free webinar on how to prepare for these changes of cookie less advertising. Besides building your marketing funnels in walled gardens, digital marketing analytics and reporting platforms like Admers will help you find out which channels are generating you the sales even with the lost attribution data.

2. Lead generation for everyone

Although this mythical Lead Generation creature was usually described only in business to business books, this upcoming year it should appear in every media plan no matter the industry. Since the first crumbles appeared in the cookie marketing base, Facebook and other platforms started improving their on-platform ad formats like lead generation. Now they are more effective than ever. Due to the same cookie less problems, your first-party data database will be one of the most important assets of 2022. If you don’t have anything to show off, now is the perfect time to start.

3. The importance of video is rising

Every year in these reviews marketing experts claim that the importance of video is going to rise. Are they wrong each and every time? No, the importance of this media format keeps growing from year to year since it is really adaptive and evolves together with the industry. At the end of this year, we saw many platforms from Pinterest to YouTube test their video shopping features and these will be at the center of our attention for 2022. From know on video is not only a great educational, awareness, and attention-grabbing tool it is also selling like crazy.

4. Creatives are regaining its’ importance

For the past few years, the whole digital marketing community was laser-focused on algorithm-driven targeting tactics. Now when they are slowly becoming less effective (especially for smaller players) everyone turned back to the marketing basics: branding and eye-catching creatives. When fancy tech fails, these are the keystones that have the power to differentiate the wide audience, set you apart from your competitions, create a lasting impression and drive sales. We don’t mean that you shouldn’t think about data collection and good targeting tactics but the next year will be about finding a balance between fancy algorithm capabilities and your brand identity. Uploading a generic ad to Facebook won’t be enough anymore.

5. Automation is the new king of digital marketing trends

76% percent of marketers use some kind of automation, and 26% of those who don’t, plan to use it in the upcoming year. We have already discussed that a good strategy and impeccable creatives will be extremely important in the next year but you need time to do all of this. That’s why automating your daily processes will be a cornerstone of your success for the coming year. If you will find a way how to free yourself from boring daily tasks, you and your clients will see a huge acceleration in your growth. It’s low-hanging fruit when services like Admers exist.

6. Find your community

A passion-driven community will be the holy grail that everyone is going to seek after. When the competition online has grown exponentially due to pandemic its is hard to gain a customer. It is even harder to maintain it. This is why forming a community is crucial to your brand’s success. Learn how to exploit NFTs, Facebook groups, Discord, Telegram, and Slack for your own tribe and see how your sales dynamic changes to a self-sustained engine. A great example of that is Gary Vee who sold more than 1 million of his book’s copies utilizing NFTs. The catch is that this record number of sales was of a book that is not even released yet.

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