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CVR Formula on Amazon: A Simple Explainer on Amazon Conversion Rate

When you put a listing on Amazon, what do you want most from those visiting it? or crv formula

Just open your listing and close it.

Or, visit your listing and also carry out the desired action (buy something).

We all know which scenario is the correct answer.

This desirable action of visitors clicking on your page/listing and buying something is called a conversion. 

The ratio of the number of orders to the number of visits (sessions or clicks) is called the conversion rate (CVR).

CVR is one of the most crucial KPIs for any Amazon listing. Thus, every seller must understand how it’s calculated. 

What is the exact CVR formula on Amazon? How do we calculate CVR for ASINs as well as keywords? And how can you improve your Amazon CVR?

You will find answers to all these and similar questions in this post. 

How to Calculate CVR on Amazon

For many, the conversion rate on Amazon only means one thing, i.e., the number of orders divided by the number of page visits. However, this CVR definition doesn’t tell the complete story. 

On Amazon, a seller doesn’t just track the conversion rate of a particular ASIN/SKU. Since they also run paid marketing campaigns, they need to know the conversion rate for the keywords they target with their PPC campaigns. 

Here, we will walk you through the steps to find/calculate CVR for both. 

How to Find CVR for Amazon ASINs

To calculate the conversion rate for the ASINs you have listed, you have to head to your Seller Central account.

  • Expand the Report drop-down menu from the home page of your Seller Central and click the Business Reports. It will open the Business Dashboard
No alt text provided for this image
  • Then, look at the vertical menu on the right side. Click the Detail Page Sales and Traffic by Parent Item
No alt text provided for this image
  • The 10th column “Unit Session Percentage” gives you the conversion rate of the ASIN for the given time period (you can select a particular time window for your analysis). 
No alt text provided for this image

Amazon essentially calculates this value using this formula. 

Unit Session Percentage (Conversion rate) = (Units Ordered / Sessions) x 100

Units Ordered is the 8th column, and Sessions is the 3rd column on the above page.

It is worth mentioning here that sessions are slightly different from visits/views. As per Amazon, a session is a window where a visitor spends time on the Amazon marketplace browsing through one or multiple product pages within 24 hours. So you can also say that the number of sessions is the total number of page views by unique customers in the 24-hour window.

On the other hand, page view/visit records all the instances when the same or unique visitor sees your listing. 

Suppose a shopper opens your listing, clicks on another product page from the recommended product carousel, and eventually returns to your product page and places an order. It will be considered a single session and two page views. 

So, the number of sessions and page views are not necessarily the same every time. Therefore, using page views in place of no. of sessions can give a skewed conversion rate.

This is why Amazon uses the number of sessions instead of page views when calculating CVR for an ASIN since it gives a clearer understanding of how a visitor turns into a customer. 

How to Find CVR for Amazon Ads 

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a go-to promotional method for most Amazon sellers. The CVR of an Amazon PPC ad shows you how many orders have been placed from the clicks you have acquired through paid marketing. 

The CVR for PPC ad campaigns can also be found on Seller Central.

  • Again, expand the Report tab from the main menu and open the Advertising Reports. 
No alt text provided for this image
  • You can see the latest ad reports compiled and uploaded by Amazon on this page. Click the Download button to download them in Excel file format. You can also create customized reports by clicking the Create Report button.
No alt text provided for this image
  • The report you will download from here will give you essential performance metrics for all the keywords you’ve targeted with your PPC budget. 
No alt text provided for this image
  • One of the columns gives you the 7-day conversion rate for all the targeted keywords you have assigned for exact, broad, and phrase matches. 
No alt text provided for this image

Amazon uses this formula to calculate this conversion rate:

Conversion rate: (No. of Orders / No. of Clicks) x 100

If you notice, the sessions here are replaced by the number of clicks. This is because the PPC campaigns are based on the number of clicks/views. Sellers are charged for every click, so it is essential to use no. of clicks to calculate the CVR of Amazon ad campaigns. 

How to Improve CVR on Amazon

As mentioned earlier, the ultimate goal of any Amazon seller is to “convert” the visitors on their listing into buyers. Therefore, you can do a list of things to improve the conversion rate for your ASINs and PPC ads. 

On-Point Listing Content

Product images, bullet points, description, A+ Content— all these things on your listing are integral in persuading a visitor to try your product. Therefore, always be on top of your game while creating and curating your listing content. 

Short, easy-to-read content that addresses customers’ potential pain points, product shots that display the product inside out, and A+ Content that is informative as well as easy on the eyes will ensure that a large number of people ending up on your listing also buy from you.

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews are the social proof and word of mouth for products sold online. No matter how compelling your listing content is, you won’t be able to convert more visitors into customers if you don’t have enough positive reviews and your rating is not way past 4.0.  

Therefore, make sure a satisfied customer always leaves a review on your listing page. You can use Review Automator for this purpose. This tool sends reminders to only those customers who don’t have any grievances regarding the received order. Such customers are more likely to leave good reviews and 4+ ratings. Having a reasonable aggregate of reviews and ratings on your listing will improve its conversion rate.


Amazon marketplaces are thriving with competition where it is pretty common to have competitors with the same product quality, listing content, and reviews/ratings. A customer breaks a tie between competing listings by comparing their prices in such a case. So, you are more likely to witness better conversion if your prices are slightly lower than your competitors.  Check out the prices of e-commerce services that Romanzapk provides. Click here

Keyword Selection

Whether you want your listing to organically rank better on Amazon SERPs or hit the bull’s eye with PPC marketing, you need to be very diligent in selecting your keywords. First, populate and optimize your listing content with keywords that best describe your product and are also in line with the search intent of shoppers.

Moreover, you need to select long-tail keywords with high search volume and low competition for your PPC bids to improve the CVR of your ads.

CTR vs. CVR: What’s the Difference?

No alt text provided for this image
No alt text provided for this image

Click-Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate (CVR) are two important performance metrics for a PPC ad running on Amazon. While CVR tells how many visitors become customers, CTR tells how many impressions translate into page visits. 

The formula for CTR and CVR are as follows.

CTR = (Total Clicks/Total Impressions) x 100

CVR = (Total Orders/Total clicks or sessions) x 100

It is worth mentioning that an ad campaign with the proper keyword targeting improves the CTR of a listing ad. It shows that people searching for a product consider your listing in line with their requirements. However, an ad can only help you until this stage of the funnel— whether a visitor becomes a buyer will depend on the factors discussed in the above section (how to improve CVR). 

Therefore, a higher CTR only shows you’re gaining good traction for the keywords you’ve targeted in your PPC campaign. Higher CTR doesn’t necessarily mean higher sales. The sales volume primarily depends on CVR. 


Before wrapping up this article, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about Amazon CVR.

What Is Amazon CVR Formula?

Amazon CVR formula for ASINs is:

CVR = (No. of Orders / Sessions) x 100

Amazon CVR formula for PPC campaigns is:

CVR = (No. of Clicks /No. of Impressions) x 100

What Is CVR in Digital Marketing?

Conversion Rate (CVR) is the percentage of visitors who have clicked on a product page (ad) and performed the desired action (placed an order).  

What Is a Good Conversion Rate on Amazon?

10-20% can be considered a good conversion rate on Amazon, depending on the product and niche. A 10% conversion rate means 10 out of 100 visitors to your product listing are placing the order. 

Final Words

From the above discussion, it is clear that you don’t need a CVR formula to calculate your Amazon conversion rate. Amazon does that for you. You only have to look at the right place in Seller Central to find it. Also, Amazon provides two slightly different CVR values: one for the ASINs and one for the targeted PPC ads and keywords. 

If you want to improve the CVR for both your listing and PPC campaigns, you must select the right keywords and optimize your listing content accordingly. Here is the detailed reference.

CVR Formula CVR Formula CVR Formula CVR Formula CVR Formula CVR Formula CVR Formula CVR Formula CVR Formula CVR Formula CVR Formula CVR Formula CVR Formula CVR Formula CVR Formula.

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