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How Amazon Search Terms Report: A Powerful Analytics Tool!

Amazon Search Terms Report: A Powerful Analytics Tool!

In this post we will tell you all about Amazon Search Terms Report. Here’s a small challenge for you: You have a product that you want to sell on Amazon. How would you find out the top three listings that get the most clicks for the main set of keywords for that product for your target marketplace? Remember, we are looking for the exact ASINs. Go! 

Tick tock…

It’s not easy, right? In fact, it’s nigh impossible. No third-party seller tool reports that accurately. 

But what if we tell you there is a way to find that out, and that too from the horse’s mouth—Amazon itself?

Enter the Amazon Search Terms report!

What is the Amazon Search Terms Report?

The Amazon Search Terms report is a Brand Analytics tool that gives you insights into how customers search for your and your competitors’ products on the Amazon marketplace during a given time period. You can use the report to find out the most popular search terms for your product, the top three ASINs that get the most clicks for those search terms, and the click and conversion shares for each of the top three reported ASINs.

All search terms in the Amazon Search Terms report are sorted by search frequency rank (SFR)—not the actual search volume, which is a measure of a search term’s popularity compared to all other related and non-related search terms on a given marketplace. The lower the SFR, the more popular the search term.  

What Information Does this Report Contain?

The Search Terms report contains fifteen columns, including: 

  1. Department
  2. Search Term
  3. Search Frequency Rank

#1 Clicked ASIN

Clicked ASIN Product Title

Clicked ASIN Click Share

#Clicked ASIN Conversion Share

ASINEach of these columns can be grouped under three main sections: i) target department or marketplace, ii) search terms and search terms analytics, and iii) popular ASINs and popular ASINs’ click and conversion data. Below is a screenshot of an Amazon Search Terms report for the US marketplace, with the three sections highlighted in blue, green, and red, respectively:

Besides containing information on the latest search and consumer behavior trends, the search terms report also has a tab showing the products that dropped out from the top three positions for most clicks for a given search term in the last week

Who Can Use This Report?

Any seller enrolled in the Brand Registry program on Amazon can use the Search Terms report by accessing the Brand Analytics feature through their Seller Central. In case, if you are unsure of your eligibility, visit the Brand Benefit Eligibility page to check your status.

It’s worth noting that Amazon doesn’t make the Search Terms report available to developers who may want to sync the data with third-party seller tools via the Amazon API, keeping the information private and confidential. Remember the challenge we gave you at the start of the blog? *Wink*   

Is Amazon Brand Analytics Free?

Yes, Amazon Brand Analytics is free to use for all registered brand owners on the marketplace. You don’t need to pay any sign-up or maintenance fee to access the feature or the Search Terms report. 

This brings us to us our next important question:

What Can You Use this Report for?

The Amazon Search Terms report is a simple yet extremely powerful tool that can be used in many different ways. 

  • Find your next golden product – Looking to launch a new product but can’t think of any interesting niche? Use the Amazon Search Terms report to find the trending products and categories on Amazon. Scan the search terms with a higher SFR and see if you can find your next golden product idea.
  • Generate keyword ideas for your listing – Creating your product detail page and want to make sure the popular keywords are well-covered? Put your primary keyword in the search term filter section of the report and generate a list of winning keywords for the frontend and backend of your product listing.
  • Take a deep dive into customer analytics – What do your customers like? What drives them to click a listing and make a purchase? The Amazon Search Terms report analysis can potentially help you uncover all. Check what products in your niche are getting the most clicks and conversions. Study their listing title. Look at the type of images they have used. Go through their bullet points. Review their A+ content. Learn, adapt, and implement.

Note: The Search Terms report may not always show you all the top Amazon search terms for a product. That’s why you should only use it as a supporting keyword research tool and not a primary keyword tool.  

Amazon Search Terms Report vs. Amazon Advertising Search Term Report vs. Other Advertising Reports

There is a variant of the Search Terms report available inside Seller Central that you can use to view the customer search terms that drive the most impressions and clicks for your Amazon ad campaigns. It’s called the Amazon Advertising Search Term report.

Unlike the standard Search Terms report, which gives you a bird’s eye view of the overall Amazon marketplace, the Advertising Search Term report data is exclusive to your—advertised—products. While this seems to limit the scope of the available information, the Amazon Advertising Search Term report can be a goldmine for any seller looking to optimize their Amazon PPC campaigns.

You can access the Advertising Search Term report from the Advertising Reports section under the Reports menu on the main Seller Central dashboard. Amazon conveniently groups the findings under Amazon Sponsored Products Search Term report, Amazon Sponsored Brands Search Term report, and Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Search Term report, based on your campaign type. Simply select the report most relevant to you, specify the reporting period, and you are all set.

The Advertising Search Term report has the following columns:

  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Portfolio name
  • Currency
  • Campaign Name
  • Ad Group Name
  • Targeting
  • Match Type
  • Customer Search Term
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Click-Thru Rate (CTR)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Spend
  • Total Sales
  • Total ACoS
  • Total ROAS
  • Total Orders
  • Total Units
  • Conversion Rate
  • Advertised SKU Units
  • Other SKU Units
  • Advertised SKU Sales
  • Other SKU Sales

You might wonder, does that make the Advertising Search Term report any different from the Targeting report on Amazon?

The Amazon Targeting report is very similar to the Advertising Search Term report. So much so that they even have the same columns. However, the Targeting report doesn’t contain information about the customer search terms and instead shows the keywords you’ve targeted in your ad campaign.     

How to Download It

To download the Amazon Search Terms report, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Seller Central
  2. Go to the Brands section in the main menu and select ‘Brand Analytics’ from the pull-down
  3. Next, click the Amazon Search Terms tab found on the top of the Brand Analytics dashboard
  4. Select your preferred marketplace (department) and reporting period to view the Amazon Search Terms report inside the Advertising console. You can also download the report for offline use.

What Program Can You Use to View the Downloaded Amazon Search Terms Report?  

You can open the Amazon Search Terms report in Microsoft Excel or any other program that supports CSV file format for offline viewing. 

Error Downloading Amazon Search Terms Report – How to Fix It!

Sometimes, you might get an error when downloading the Amazon Search Terms report. It would show requesting, but the report won’t download. If you ever happen to experience this issue, simply clear the cookies and try downloading the file again. This should fix the error. In some cases, switching the browser also works.     

Frequently Asked Questions About Search Terms Report Amazon

How Often Does Amazon Updates the Search Terms Report?

Amazon updates the Search Terms report every week, ensuring you get the latest search and click trends for the products listed on the marketplace.  

Why Do No Keywords Show in the Dropout Section of My Amazon Search Terms Report?

Amazon may not show any keywords in the dropout section of the Search Terms report when there have been no changes in the rankings of the top three clicked ASINs during the last week. 

What is the Difference Between Search Terms and Keywords on Amazon? 

Search terms are what your customers type in the Amazon search bar when searching for a product. Meanwhile, keywords are what you use in your ad campaigns to determine which search terms your ads should appear against.   


All in all, the Brand Analytics Search Terms report is a treasure trove for sellers looking for keyword data and insights into consumer trends. This information, when paired up with other data sets, can help you strategize for your Amazon product launch and store optimization activities effectively.

Visit our services page or contact us to get any service. You can find more information like this here.

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