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Amazon PPC Case Study

Amazon PPC Case Study

Before Stats

7 Day PPC = 55%

30 Days PPC = 56.66%

Profit Margin = 34%

Organic Orders: 15%

PPC Orders: 85%

CPA = High (Usually got orders every 18 or 20 clicks on most of the keywords)

After (2 Months Later)

7 Day PPC = 20.57%

30 Days PPC = 22.07%

Profit Margin = 34%

Organic Orders: 55%

PPC Orders: 45%

TACOS: 14%

Let me share my strategy for this PPC Case.

Firstly, I analyzed the complete listing and PPC campaign and made a report according to the situation.

What did I find?

1- Impressions were good, but CTR was very bad

2- Main Image was not appealing and competitive

3- Unit Session Percentage was not good, i.e., low conversion.

4-Many highly relevant keywords on which the Client was running PPC were not added to the listing.

5- Mistakes in PPC campaigns

– Main Image & Listing Optimization

I have evaluated that impressions were good, but the CTR of many high search volume keywords was not good. So I started comparing my main images with competitor images and found that the Client’s main image was not competitive and up to the mark. I made two main images for testing, and from the second image, our CTR started to be getting good.

 Keyword Analysis / BA Report /Roots Keywords

I did keyword analysis and made Root Keywords File and found the listing is not optimized as many essential keywords on which PPC are running were not used in the listing. I optimized the listing by using the root keywords to get maximum keyword juice and backend Search terms with mis-spell keywords.

PPC Campaigns Optimization

-Some common mistakes are as follows

1- Targeting Irrelevant Keywords

This product has variations in shape. Its product shape is circular, but he targeted square and other shape keywords in the PPC that get clicks but no orders because its product is circular and cannot be used for squares and different shapes. So I turn off those irrelevant keywords that are not related to our product.

2- Run Singular and plural keywords into the same Campaign for example (Cup and Cups)

We shouldn’t target singular and plural at the same time because if you target particular keywords exact, it will also cover the plural of that word, i.e. if you are targeting the keyword “cup”, then it will also cover the plural search term, i.e. cups. So, I optimized the Campaign’s keywords accordingly to avoid unnecessary spending.

3- Exact Manual keywords were not negatively targeted in the Phrase campaign

When we make a phrase campaign, then we must put exact campaign keywords into the phrase as negative exact. So, I added all the exact campaign keywords into the negative phrase, which was not added before.

4- Phrase Campaign were not optimized and had high ACOS

Finding root keywords is a must before starting a phrase campaign. Phrase campaign generates many irrelevant keywords on which we get clicks but no sales, so I also begin negatively targeting those keywords.

5- Exact Manual Keywords that have high ACOS

Since PPC began, I started the bid optimization of those keywords given high ACOS. Also, use the Day Parting technique to avoid getting out of stock at peak times.

PPC Optimization is still in process, and PPC is going down with time. TACOS is also improving because the ratio of our organic orders is also increasing because we are organically on the top spot of many keywords now. 

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