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Amazon PPC Case Study-2 Launches (USA & UK)

    PPC Case Study-2 Launches (USA & UK)

    Problem Statement:

    More than 8 months have passed but the listing on both accounts is still bleeding (with High ACOS) and struggling with an organic ranking of the keywords. Please read and make sure to understand it carefully as this is going to add value to your PPC journey

    Clients Requirements:

    – Take Accounts into Profit

    – Increase Revenue

    Accounts Overview


    Avg Selling Price = 8.99

    Variations = 3 (Colour)

    Profit Margin = 39%

    30 Days ACOS = 74%

    Highly Relevant KW’s = 17 (SV greater than 1000)

    Product Rating = 4.6

    After 3 Months

    30 Days ACOS = 23.86%

    TACOS = 10.8%

    2- USA-Launch

    Avg Selling Price = $11.99

    Variations = 5 (Colour & Size)

    Profit Margin = 32%

    30 Days ACOS = 69%

    Highly Relevant KW’s = 22 (SV greater than 1200)

    Product Rating = 4.4

    After 3 Months

    30 Days ACOS = 19.09%

    TACOS = 9.1%

    Above Both accounts have brand registry

    Note: Whenever you get a PPC task then before going to audit campaigns, make sure that your listing is optimized and retail ready.

    If your listing is not up to the mark then any type of advertisement including PPC is just a waste of money. Listing optimization and PPC are like a married couple for each other.

    A good PPC manager must know the principles of listing optimization.

    Listing Audit / Mistakes

    – Listing images were not up to the mark (Images supplied by

    product supplier were used as it is).

    – Title was not optimized, making no sense ( Keywords Stuffing ).

    – Short Bullet Points with no proper headings and not exactly

    covering customer pain points & product features.

    – Keywords were not uniformly distributed in the whole listing.

    – EBC was not competitive.

    – 2 Bad Reviews were on top.

    – The backend Search term was not optimized. Moreover, In the UK

    account’s search term section was blank.

    PPC Audit / Mistakes

    – All Match Types were targeted in a single campaign and a

    single Ad group (like Bottle Keyword is targeted in Exact, Phrase, Broad in the same Adgroup).

    – There were some campaigns in which more than 50+ Keywords

    were targeted with different match types.

    – There was no proper campaign structure (high and Low SV

    Keywords were added in a single campaign).

    – No proper negative targeting of the keywords.

    – PPC running on all the variations which include those as well that were getting traffic (clicks) but no or few orders (Conversion rate was too low).


    Listing Optimization:

    – Added Unique Selling Points in Title: Added USP in the first half of the title and also highlighted in the product listing images (infographics, lifestyle).

    – Increased Ranking Juice in Title: Added 3-4 main keywords in exact form and low-hanging keywords to maximize the ranking juice. Also added those long tail keywords that most of the main competitors had not added in the title.

    – Review Analysis & competitor analysis: With the help of this analysis, gathered the buyer’s common pain points, and competitor selling points and highlight them in listing content and in images.

    – Professional Photography for listing images and EBC: Analyzed the competitor’s branding concept, theme, and external presence including images, and EBC, and did market research then made inspiration files for Main Image, Infographics, Lifestyle, etc.

    – Backend Search Terms Optimization: Added Misspell and Spanish keywords into backend S.T and removed the repeated keyword from the backend.

    Note: Now I assume you already have done testing and validated Images, Selling Price & Title.

    PPC Strategy:

     Turned off the Poor Performing Campaigns: Turned off a few campaigns having bad performance & history.

    – Ads Group Organization & Optimization: In structureless campaigns, Ads group keywords that have comparatively good history kept running in the same campaign and paused duplicated keywords & those with bad performance.

     Placement Optimization: I analyzed each campaign placement data and made the following optimization

    – For those aggressive campaigns with good conversion on Product pages and the Rest of the Search, I just lowered the bids gradually so that campaigns have maximum traffic on these two placements for better conversion.

     Budget Optimization: Increase the budget of those campaigns which were converting good but went out of budget most of the time.

     Initiated Supportive Campaigns: Long tail Keywords were started because the main keywords’ stability was not attained by that time.

     ASIN Defensive Campaigns: Ran Asin defensive campaign so that we could take benefit of maximum traffic coming on our listing to avoid any sale leakage.

     ASIN Targeting: – Targeted those competitor’s ASINs which had poor ratings and high prices than us but still had gotten traffic and sales.

    – Also picked the good converting ASIN from the auto campaign and ran them into SP.

     Sponsored Brand- Broad Modifier Campaign: Started Broad Modifier campaigns on all broad intent keywords and that campaign showed exceptional results.

    Note: Don’t forget to negative target the synonyms of the targeted keywords especially those that are not relevant to your product.

     PPC on Best Selling Variation: By the analysis of past data from business reports, I evaluated most of the chunk of sales was generated by only that one variation. So I ran PPC on that variation.

    – Made Campaigns For Ranking Keywords: Made Separate campaigns for the ranking keywords and targeted 1 keyword per campaign to have maximum control over the keywords with a fixed bidding strategy.

     Graduated the Keywords: There were a few keywords that were performing badly in exact campaigns then I started targeting them as a broad modifier but kept running previous keywords of the exact campaigns. I did those keywords from exact campaigns which started showing stats in the broad modifier.

    Now I’m working and testing on Sponsored brands and Sponsored Displays with different settings and also doing budget optimization to further increase the % of organic orders.

    It is very hard to cover all the points of above mentioned two launches in a single post but I tried my level best to mention the important aspects so that you can take benefit from this case study.

    Visit our services page or contact us to get any service. You can find more information like this here.

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