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5 essential actions to involve to get 10x sales

    5 essential actions to involve to get 10x sales in digital marketing.

    So no one buys your product or service after investing in digital marketing? I can understand what you are going through, and trust me; everyone has been in your shoes. In addition to that, maybe you are just one step away from your ideal prospect.

    To sell a product or service, you need to understand the basic physiology of your buyer. The PUMPP formula that I’m going to discuss in this article is the practical Implementation of converting prospects into high ticket clients or customers. So make sure to read this article till the end and see the result yourself.

    Here is your ultimate guide to 10x your sales in digital marketing.


    The PUMPP Formula stands for problem, Urgency, mechanism, promise, and proof. Sale is a socio-economic topic that means it varies from peer to peer, so there is no fixed formula for making a sales;

    on the other hand, there are still some life hacks and cheat codes to sell on an immense scale, and pumpp recipe is one of those life hacks that can upscale your business; perhaps I’m already implementing this, so that I can assure you about it.

    There are 5 PILLARS of PUMPP Formula :

    PROBLEM: How To Find the Right Problem To Solve?

    The most common flaw in today’s marketing is that we do market research on a good scale, and sooner or later, we create a product and service to solve something.

    Here’s the flaw- We never intend to hit the bull’s eye, and instead of that, we eventually end up crashing on tier 2 or 3.

    To understand this, let’s take an example, Raghu is an employee of Xyz company. Now he is done with his job and wants to quit it. He came across an ad promoting a digital millionaire course; as expected, Raghu didn’t even give a crap about it because the ad was not targeting the bull’s eye.

    Here’s what Raghu wants He wants to quit his job to achieve his goal of making 3000$ to 4000$ each month, so practically, he doesn’t possess or want something bragging to be a millionaire.

    Hence, they don’t want to be millionaires and want to quit their job.

    The key to selling is whether you are speaking about your prospect’s actual problem or speaking about what you think they have.

    URGENCY: The Urgent Reason Why To Buy Now?

    Urgency is the proven way to drive sales. We have seen many ads like buy one and get one free limited time offer. These ads are great examples of Urgency, but in addition to this, there are some proven ways you need to know to create Urgency.

    5 Ways To Create Urgency:

    1. Limited Time
    2. Limited Amount
    3. Implication
    4. Priming
    5. Identity

    Here’s an example of Urgency:

    Let’s say Pratham is selling an Xyz online course. With regards to that, he decides to create a FOMO with his prospect that will ultimately increase his sales. So the FOMO part was as follows,

    “ Call on xxxxxxxxxx for more details.

    P.S. We are experiencing high volumes of calls daily, so if your ring doesn’t connect, keep on trying because this offer is limited to Xyz date”.

    In the above example, high volumes of calls show the credibility that implicates the sales. Also, a limited-time offer creates an Urgency. Many famous marketers like tony robbins, Russell Brunson, and GaryVee use this type of campaign.


    The mechanism is the WOW! Element of your ad that fills the gap between you and your customer and ultimately connects your product or service with them; MCDONALDS, KFC, Dominos these types of food chains are live examples of mechanisms.

    Maybe the MCD burgers are not the best burgers across the globe. Still, the kind of marketing they use fills the gap between the customer and product, so people are obsessed with it.

    The mechanism, in other words, is the secret sauce that drives your clients or customers from where they are to where they want to be.


    What outcome do you promise? No one believes in this crap. In today’s modern world of digital marketing, everybody is on Facebook and online platforms, so marketing has become the interruption, and almost all people come across promising campaigns. People have used to promises as marketing.

    At the end of the day, whenever your ad appears on prospects’ feeds, they think of you as a marketer.

    Note that I’m not suggesting you not make promises in your campaigns and content. Remember that your campaign is lame without a pledge, but action speaks louder than words, okay!

    Proof creates authenticity and ultimately increases your credibility, so promises embrace the campaign.

    So make use of promises in your campaigns but don’t forget the next and final step.


    “People are only loyal to experiences.”

    The proof is the stepping stone of sales. We all know that. Evidence can be any type, but the virtual proof is a testimonial.

    You must back up your promise with proof to make it appealing.

    For example, If I say buy my course and make 1000$ per month, you will immediately say no, but instead of that, If I show you that someone like you is doing it, you will probably purchase it.

    If you want to learn this segment more, watch tony robin’s seminars on youtube and Russell Brunson’s videos because they always leverage their service with proof.


    If nobody is purchasing your product, your ad campaign does not satisfy the buyer’s psychology. The PUMPP formula is one of the best ways to get customers and clients.

    PUMPP stands for, P= Problem, U= Urgency, M= Mechanism, P= Promise, P= Proof.

    You need to find the actual problem to solve the problem, just like the bull’s eye.

    Urgency is the FOMO element of a campaign.

    5 Ways To Create Urgency:

    1. Limited Time
    2. Limited Amount
    3. Implication
    4. Priming
    5. Identity

    The mechanism is the secret sauce that drives your clients or customers from where they are to where they want to be.

    Promises embrace the campaigns on an immense scale. Without it ad is lame.

    Proof provides credibility to your product. Testimonial is the best form of evidence.


    Learning is a continuous process, so apply the above steps. To maximize your potential, I strongly suggest that you model the successful people and eventually get your way in.

    Visit our services page or contact us to get any service. You can find more information like this here.

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